Hi there! I'm Julie, I've got a family, a bunch of animals, a big pile of laundry, a mild case of ADD and a whole lot of paint. And also a website!


I'm what folks call a "self taught artist." Which kind of implies that I already know what I need to know to teach myself what I don't know. And that doesn't make any sense. It's more like I'm... self-guided. Sort of. Probably not the wisest way of going about things. If you ask my mother, she'll tell you that anyone that attempts to guide me through anything is participating in an activity about as rewarding as nailing jello to a tree. And after a few years of being self-guided, I have to agree with her. I just don't listen well to authority figures.

As a wee bairn (sometimes I like to say "wee bairn." I blame the little scotty dog in Lady and the Tramp.) I sat at my mother's knee as she put herself through art school and college, then later she let me assist her as she worked as a photographer and graphic designer. When I was a wily teenager up to no good, I was accepted into the Visual and Performing Arts program in my high school where I spent half the day with a trio of art teachers (hired for their extreme patience as well as talent) and a scad of other artsy types. I won a grant to work together with more experienced artists at the local university my senior year. And a year after graduating from high school, I fell head over heals for a strapping sailor, kissed him, married him, and lived happily ever after.

The end.

[Some time later] In 2008 I was living in VA with the sailor and our wee bairns (who were actually more wily than wee at this point), unemployed (except for the periodic photography, graphic design, and bouts of parental responsibility that I sometimes indulged in) and trying to satisfy a strong urge to create something. So I picked up some paints and assaulted some perfectly innocent store-bought canvases.

At the Easel

True Story: My grandmother successfully taught herself to ski by reading a book about it at the library when she was 16 years old. I like to think that I take after her. So when I was unsatisfied with my first paintings I turned to reading as well. Loomis, Ryder, Aristides, Schmid, Gurney- their books taught me better than I could ever have taught myself. In 2010 I took their advice to heart, gave the paints away and devoted all of my energy into learning to draw. I found a Figure drawing club and joined them for practice once a week. I filled my moleskins with sketches of people and things everywhere I went. At the end of 2011 I tentatively bought some new oil paints and agreed to participate in a group show with my Life Drawing group. I sold every painting I had in the show. Within a few weeks I made a few more paintings and promptly sold them as well. 

And then in early 2012 I- meaning we- meaning our little family plus two cats and our dog- packed up everything we owned and moved 10 hours away to the mountains of North Carolina- where we live now. (Well, the humans did most of the packing. Though the cats did manage to rearrange some strips of packing confetti a few times.) Once again I dropped back into the routine of studying and drawing. It wasn't until very recently (the autumn of 2012) that I picked up a paintbrush again.

So that's it. My art career in a few hundred words. And this website is where you can see finished works. I plan to keep learning and improving. At times I may have a few paintings or drawings for sale. Maybe.

If you're brave enough, head on over to my blog to read some more nonsense written by me and to see photos of drawings, works in progress, and probably our animals.

 The artist as a wee bairn.

The artist as a wee bairn.

Love ya forever,


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