here birdie, birdie, birdie...

Would you take a look at these photos, please. First, this one.

that's a nice tomato!

First, note the out of focus black blob in the bottom right corner. This would be a big old gas grill that's sitting on our back deck. In a fit of fury, the Hunk set it on fire last summer. It works just fine. mostly. It needs gas. And the inside, "heat resistant" paint turned out to be not so heat resistant. If you would like to have my burned out grill, please come over to my house and take it.

that's a nice tomato!

Secondly, I would like you to take note of the slightly less out of focus red blob round abouts the middle of this photo. That's my first ripe tomato of the season! It accidentally got picked a few moments early, so it's sunning itself on my deck railing. I love tomatoes.

that's a nice tomato!

Thirdly, just above my out of focus tomato, I would like you to take note of the HUGE HAWK sitting on the tree stump in my back yard.

bird feeder's looking kinda lonely...

In this photo, you'll see the bird feeder we filled at the start of spring. We had a swarm of the most colorful birds you could hope for. Blue jays, robins, cardinals, these black and yellow thingies... it was fun to watch from my kitchen window. You might also notice, just above the bendy part of the hanging bird feeder, the same said HUGE HAWK, swooping down on some unsuspecting, colorful birdie in our back yard.


We don't have any little colorful birdies swarming our feeder any more. We do have TWO of these things in our yard, though.