Painting: Tribal Hummer

12 x 12 acrylic on canvas This one took me a long time to finish. About halfway through I became so angry at the thing I nearly chucked a fistful of phthalo blue goop right at the hummer. Twitter told me not to, though, so I set it aside instead. ^_^

Good thing too, because two months later I figured out what to do with it and completely revamped the thing. (BTW, if you want to see in-progress shots, they're here and here)

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Also, also... once again, the color seems a little off. Hard to get it perfect in the sunlight. One day I'll own a fabulously expensive camera that will have diamond studded focus rings and gold plated clicky buttons. Then my photos will be TOTALLY ACCURATE.  But until then, the color cast is somewhere between the lightness of the detail images, and the deepness of the large shot. Imagination required. ;)