A Mouse Named Moose

I'm posting this with two hopes in mind. ONE: that my mother will see this, be completely wooed by the adorability, and come visit me again anyway despite her deep anxiety around rodents with tails.

and B: that my mother will not see this and never notice that I have a rodent with a tail the next time she comes to visit.

Meet Moose! He's the mouse that lives in my studio. We got him a few months ago when our hamster Jasper passed away.

No offense to all the hams out there, but Moose rocks. I've never had a small caged pet that had so much personality before. Don't get me wrong, we loved Jasper. It's just that Moose is... different.

He's up during the day. He is extremely curious about everything. He "chitters" at us... I've even heard him squeal with joy. He loves to sit on my shoulder while I work. He also likes to run between my fingers when I'm typing on the keyboard.

In other words, he's got tons of personality, not something I was expecting from a small pet. At times, he acts more like a dog than a mouse.

And then other times he poops on my shoulder.

Never had a dog do that before.