Moose Diaries

Moose (my mouse): s'up cat?

Ivory (my cat): (glances up. I take picture. She looks down, continues licking treat) Nuffin'.

Moose: Ooh! Hey is that a treat!? (walks over to cat treat)

Ivory: (sits up. Looks down at Moose) uhhh...

Moose: (licks treat) mind if I try some?

Ivory: Sure. knock yourself out. (turns around, walks away.)

Moose: :nibble:chomp: Don't you want to eat the rest of this?

Ivory: (from the other room) Not after you've licked it.

Moose: (looses interest in treat.) Hey, where you going? Can I come? (follows Ivory out of room. I scoop him up and put him back in his cage)

Moose: Aw, come on, Lady! (jumps on the side of the cage and begs to be let out again.)