New Bird ~ dun dun DONE

First off, I know it's been a while since I've made an Odosketch drawing. It looks like they're having some serious server issues. Not sure what's happening as their facebook page has gone pretty quiet. I hope this isn't permanent. I did do a doodle on their site late last night (seems to be the best time to get on) but I can't get to it now. I'll have to post it once their stuff has been resolved. In the mean time, I've finished the New Bird painting! You can see some progress shots here.

And here it is completed:

This one was harder to photograph... lots and lots of different whites! It's really best seen in person. The photo looks pretty blue, but in person it's a creamy, buttery mix of different whites.

The detail shots (below) I took in the evening when the sun was low on the horizon. (which is why the painting looks so pink) I wanted to show you the texture. This painting is almost a sculpture, it is so molded.

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