My Mom. Isn't she a dish?

I've had something of a "secret" project going on for a while now. It's not really a secret as I've been asking all of my family members to send me their favorite photos of each other, would they be willing to pose for me, etc. Not exactly subtle stuff. I'm sure they've all figured out what I'm up to.

I've been drawing and/ or painting everyone I know. It's been a fun, hard, enlightening, frustrating and a fattening experience. I really need to get out of this chair.

Not many photos of my mother as a young woman exist... actually- strike that. Only compared to the rest of my family there aren't very many. See, at one time or another, my sister, my Mom and I have all worked as pro-photographers. I'm pretty sure that if you don't count the Obamas, we're probably the most photographed family in history. So the fact that I can only find a half dozen or so photos of my Mom is really frustrating to me. Am I spoiled? You betcha.

Anyway, J 2/4 found this super jazzy photo of my parents taken in the late 70s, early 80s. And my mom's expression? This face is a classic MOM face. I don't know what that means either. Except that out of everyone in our family, I think she has the most striking eyes. They're so dark, they're almost black. When she looks at you it can be really startling, especially if you aren't used to that gaze.

So that settled it, THIS was what I was going to draw.

The thing is, I didn't think Dad would like his pose in the photo.. I actually kind of like it, he's sleeping in her lap. Dad's a legend in our family for being able to fall asleep on any couch, anywhere, with anybody in the room. Also, Mom is comfy to cuddle with.

But I was afraid he would find it too casual, so I compromised. I drew Mom without Dad, knowing I could add him later if he liked. (he's since declined my offer. ;) )

Of course, removing an entire person and drawing something that isn't there is hard as heck. (I said "heck".) I ended up throwing on a teeshirt and leaning over in front of a mirror to get the wrinkles in her clothes plus her left arm right.

Hopefully I fooled everyone and no one looks at this and is all like "I recognize that arm! That's JD's arm, not her Mom's! Fake!" So don't tell my secret, k?