So last night was the one year birthday of the little figure drawing club I go to on Monday nights, and to celebrate we made some of these new-fangled artist trading card thingies and we traded them. I don't actually know if artist trading card thingies ARE new-fangled. They might be old-fangled, and I'm just recently fangling them when everyone else on the planet has fangled artist trading cards for ages.

I am commonly behind on the fangle trends.

So anyway, these are the cards I made!

And here are a few close-ups.

Have you ever noticed that a change of medium can totally change your perspective on things? For instance, I discovered that sketching on a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" card is a great way to fill up a completely composed space in a half hour or so.

Now that my cards are made, I find myself missing the creation of them. Maybe I need to pull out the sketchbook and return to this smaller size. Or maybe I need to make another dozen or so cards.

At any rate, it was a mightily satisfying experience. No wonder some artist like to work small.


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