The idea started with our figure drawing organizer and dear leader. Susan thought we should do a group art show. That our lovely model, KC, should pose for us. And that the theme would be "after Degas"- ie, ballerinas.

This presented me with a problem- I love problems. Problems are like puzzles that need solving. They are motivational. So I was happy I had this problem.

My problem was that 1. I do not like to paint impressionistically. 2. I have just begun to wrap my brain around painting figures... sans clothing. Unless our ballerinas were going to be naked... {unlikely} ... I was going to have to practice with some tule.

Part 1. of The Problem was solved by ignoring it. I don't paint in Degas' style, so tough cookies for Degas. I'm doing things my way.

Part 2. was solved when our beloved model lent me one of her tutu layers for me to take home and study. YES! Score!

Here are some sketches and studies I made while coming up with my compositions. Note: each sketch was completely in 30 minutes or less in front of our model. Some of them I liked as simple drawings and nothing more, so I let them be. Others I decided to play around with, and those are the ones that made it into paintings.

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more later...