Come to think of it... Lorenzo Lamas' head would work too.

So I was reading Stapleton Kearn's story about how he came to be a student of Ives Gammell on Linda Crank's Diversions blog, when he mentioned making drawings using the sight-size technique. (WOW, that is a lot of linkage right there.) (also, speaking of extra linkage- here's a link to a well reviewed book about the technique on Amazon. I haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet, so I can't tell you if it's good) And- (getting back to what I was originally writing about. Sorry for the bunny trail.) ...AND- I realized that another one of my "novel" ideas had already been thought of. Because I am the queen of "discovering" things that other people have known about since Michelangelo asked a giant man to pose for David. My idea was this: plop your thing your object your subject down next to your canvas so that it makes your drawing the same size as your subject and you can focus better on both objects at the same time. DUH, Julie. It's called sight-size drawing, and, like, everyone does it. (here's a nifty video of someone using sight-size to make landscapes)

I mean, I knew about cast drawing and all. And about Bargue's drawings. But the technique commonly used in cast drawings was new to me. Or, I guess, that it had a name was new to me. I'm sure I picked up on it from someone, somewhere.

So anyway. I decided I needed a cast. I already do a lot of still life and figure drawing and whatnot, so I'm doing things way out of order according to most ateliers. But I figured that cast drawing couldn't hurt me, so why not try it out and see how I could benefit? So I pulled up a few shopping sites looking for casts. Including eBay.


And, y'all? Did you know you could buy a cast of dead Napoleon's head? Because you can. For 50 bucks you could have Napoleon's death mask sitting on your mantle. If, you know, you're into that sort of thing. Which I'm not, really, cause it's kinda saggy and icky and stuff. I'm not sure I understand the purpose of ... you know, that.



But you know what I DO know the purpose of? A casting of Mel Gibson's head! His LIVE head. Not that I'm a huge Mel Gibson fan. But dang if that wouldn't be an awesome conversation piece. And I could totally do a cast drawing of that and not be icked out. For the most part. Anyway, who wants to buy me Mel Gibson's head?? Anyone? Anyone?




OR! Ooo... guys, you know whose head I want even MORE sitting above my mantle? That guy from Princess Bride! The one who said "Gah!" and flapped his arms a lot! He's my favorite!


Does anyone out there know Wallace Shawn and do you think you could convince him to make a cast of his head? And then send it to me? So I could draw it? Because I would totally rock the HELL outta that drawing. That would be the most fabulous cast drawing anyone has ever made. Eye of David? Pish.


Ahmma gonna do the HEAD OF SHAWN.

You can't top that business.