Painting on an iPad... *almost* as good as a canvas...

One of my favorite still life artists, Jos van Riswick, heard tell that painting on the iPad was the latest/ greatest and decided to give it a go. He's been kind enough to post the results online. Brilliant! Though he does claim to prefer canvas, you can't argue that the results aren't... well... interesting!


...and a billion Apple fans around the world develop synchronized iTwitches, with no notion as to why...


A wee bit o' nostalgia

Gather 'Round: Beauty and the Beast from Paul Lally on Vimeo.

I can't believe I found this. I remember my school playing these videos for us in the library when I was a child. It's an old TV show called Gather 'Round with Paul Lally. Mr. Lally has actually uploaded the entire series to Vimeo! I am pretty sure these shows have much to do with my fascination with watching other artists work.

Many, many thanks to Mr. Lally for sharing these with us.

Jos van Riswick

The Lines and Color blog just featured artist Jos van Riswick, a Dutch still life painter with a great You Tube channel. I'm always fascinated with watching other artists work- probably because I live in a artistic Death Valley- there aren't too many other painters in my hood. Any chance I can get to watch other people work is an opportunity I will gratefully take.

Pretty nifty, yes?

I even love the background noise he uses for his vids. It's like being in a museum and watching him work. ^_^