Painting on an iPad... *almost* as good as a canvas...

One of my favorite still life artists, Jos van Riswick, heard tell that painting on the iPad was the latest/ greatest and decided to give it a go. He's been kind enough to post the results online. Brilliant! Though he does claim to prefer canvas, you can't argue that the results aren't... well... interesting!


...and a billion Apple fans around the world develop synchronized iTwitches, with no notion as to why...


Jos van Riswick

The Lines and Color blog just featured artist Jos van Riswick, a Dutch still life painter with a great You Tube channel. I'm always fascinated with watching other artists work- probably because I live in a artistic Death Valley- there aren't too many other painters in my hood. Any chance I can get to watch other people work is an opportunity I will gratefully take.

Pretty nifty, yes?

I even love the background noise he uses for his vids. It's like being in a museum and watching him work. ^_^