When Jeremy Lipking paints, my heart goes Squee?!

One of my favorite portrait artists is Jeremy Lipking. I first discovered him when I was pouring over Juliette Aristides' fantastic book, "Classical Painting Atelier" where his Reclining Woman (2004) was featured. I ended up looking him up online.

I think he might have been one of the artists to pass through her Atelier? Yes? No?

Anyway. That is how I found this little video demonstration. Turns out he also has a store with the full 2 1/2 hour long painting demonstration DVD available. (as well as a nifty book) It's a bit steeply priced for my pocketbook, but that doesn't mean I won't share the linkage with you so that you can buy them.

UPDATE: (below the fold)

Was closing out of YouTube when I spotted this little video of Lipking and Tony Pro going all Plein Air together.

Which is yet another artsy-fartsy term that sounds vaguely naughty, until I look it up and find out it's totally not.

Anyway. Mosquitoes! Hail! Lightning! They never said anything about this carp at art-camp.